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Posted on: Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You may have noticed – or not – that I haven’t been here for a while. After threatening to post more here, I never delivered and for that I apologise, but something good has come from it, and that is in the form of a new blog, with a very similar name.

The content will be a little different; I’ve found over the past year that my interest in fashion has dwindled slightly, although my passion for shopping and personal style remain intact. There will still be fashion posts over on the new blog, it’s just that I’ll be talking about other things too: like what I had for lunch or how I spent my weekend.

It’s still in its infancy, but if you want to check it out you can do so here:

This blog will probably stay here for nostalgia, and I have loved every minute of every post I’ve written and put together here.

Thanks for reading, hopefully see you in my new internet home.


5 Fashion Items I Couldn’t Live Without

Posted on: Monday, September 8, 2014

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Whilst I realise that it’s ever so slightly hasty to say that I categorically materialistic possessions, sometimes when I’m getting dressed in the morning and don’t know what to wear, it really does feel that way. You know what I mean? The ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ panic which usually comes from actually having too much to wear and therefore you end up in your favourite items after several seconds/minutes/hours of feeling flustered. Thus, you probably couldn’t live without them as you’d be leaving the house naked if they didn’t exist, and I know for a fact that nobody’s ready for this jelly;  I’d definitely either catch a deadly cold or be shot in the head*

Alas, above. The 5 Fashion Items That I Couldn’t Live Without. I think most are fairly standard and I’m quite happy that I can actually make a couple of outfits out of the picked items, so maybe I’m not so bad at equations after all (fashion related ones, at least!)

White Shirt // This one was a total coin toss between this and a plain white T, but in the end the shirt won because I wear shirts all.the.time.

Topshop Jamie Jeans // I’m not usually one to be so brand specific when it comes to posts like these, but ever since I purchased my first pair of Jamie Jeans in the Topshop Sale about a year ago, I’ve never looked back. I keep seeing them pop up on blogs, and quite rightly so. They’re the best in the business, at least on a high street budget.

Chelsea Boots // In my humble opinion, if you’re looking for a classic goes-with-everything** shoe or boot that can do everything from afterwork drinks to dog walking, the chelsea boot is your shoe of choice. And yes, mine have done both (and more)

Leather Skirt // No list of mine could be complete without at least one leather item, and a skirt is the one I’ve settled on (at least for today). I’m not picky on shape, just as long as it’s [preferably] black and not ass-skimmingly short.

Statement Necklace // Because where would my boring outfits be without a statement necklace to spice it up – am I right or am I right?

*being overly dramatic to make a point there.
**or maybe just most things

What are your 5 Fashion Items you couldn’t live without?

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S’il Vous Plait

Posted on: Tuesday, August 19, 2014

miu miu pistol flats, miu miu net a porter, miu miu blogger, miu miu shoes

Miu Miu Pistol Print Flats:

Everything’s gone a bit gimmicky in the World of Fashion, hasn’t it? I’m not sure this is a bandwagon I’m jumping on per-se, but maybe I’m trailing behind it, attached by a rope tied to my ankle, if you get me?

Enough of the analogies and rhetorical questions, anyway. Here I am claiming not to do trends and also craving items in my wardrobe that are slightly out of the norm for me and dare I say it, slightly trend infused. Although, in regards to the ‘to trend or not to trend’ situation, I’m going to stop saying that as I just seem to go through phases depending on how lazy I am with my dressing: less lazy = more trendy. More lazy = more french inspired. Or so I hope.

Needless to say (I hope…), full Maccy D’s dress up won’t be happening (sorry, Moschino) but I don’t think a few well thought out gimmicky prints or bright accessories would look too far out of place with my black skinnies and Breton top. Which is how we’ve ended up with the above shoes being the object of this instalment of S’il Vous Plait‘s affection.

Wow, that was a lot of text for one pair of shoes. How do you guys feel about more ‘gimmicky’ items?

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Editorial Inspiration – Jalouse

Posted on: Saturday, August 16, 2014


Jalouse Magazine Editorial, Photos by me

For a long time, I’ve been feeling rather uninspired by fashion/style/clothes/whatever to the point where I read very few blogs and stopped buying magazines unless I was stuck somewhere without a book or  iPad and needed a way to amuse myself.

Thankfully, those days are dissolving and I’m accrediting at least a part of that to the above editorial,* which I found in Jalouse Magazine’s July/August Issue. It makes me quite frustrated that it’s nigh on impossible to pick up here in the UK, but as I have some rather amazing friends, I was lucky enough to receive this copy as a Birthday present from the ever-amazing Ellie, who evidently knows me too well; Fashion in French – What more inspiration do I need to kick me out of a style rut?

Anyway, I digress. This editorial was the best part of this issue, for me, from the second I saw it.** It really reminds me of the style I strived for when I first started my blog back when I was at University,*** and actually, in that respect I don’t think much has changed. I’m now craving Autumn so I can dress up cable knits with jewels and fur and pretend I live a way more extravagant lifestyle than I do. Because lets be honest, I really can’t afford the amazing pieces from this editorial, but that’s the beauty of fashion, a little fantasy & inspiration to raise you from a rut, and be whoever the hell you want to be.

*A pretty big part.

** The evidence of my enthusiasm being that my carpet is providing the magazine with a completely unsuitable background for these photos; sorry about that.


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